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Sent items update

When email messages are sent and signatures are applied, the message that is finally received at the other end can be quite different to the one you saw when pressing 'send'. Depending on how signature policies and templates were defined, the final message might be displayed in a different way, and signature content may be added.

If required, you can use the sent items update feature to store sent messages exactly as they were received - i.e. with all signature policy settings applied. You can choose to:

  • Only store sent items with signatures applied


  • Store your original message AND a copy of that message with signatures applied  

This scenario becomes a little more complex where messages are sent to multiple recipients and different signatures are applied. Should the system split the original email and retain a copy for every person the message is sent to (so you will see how signatures were applied for each recipient), or should just one copy be saved  (for the first recipient)?

You can define exactly how you would like sent items to work for you, using the sent items update settings page.



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